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s2practice's Journal

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S2 Practice Discussion
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Welcome back to s2practice, a place to "talk shop" about S2.

  • Swapping and sharing ideas, tricks, tips, code and discussing ways to implement things
  • Getting people familiar with S2 so they can take advantage of it and troubleshoot it (for personal or support purposes)
  • Picking apart the system styles — what's good about them, what's inefficient, how they could be improved, what can be learned from them, etc.
  • Discussing the core layer, its oddities and intricacies, bugs, what can be changed and what can't
[not the main focus but okay too]
  • Talking about (X)HTML, CSS, general (but S2-relevant) coding technique and theory
  • Working out bugs and using regular support channels to report them
  • Moving some ideas over to howto_userdoc to discuss turning them into s2howto tutorials
  • Brainstorming about things that come up in support, helping people get better at working Style Systems, that sort of thing (but all S2-specific)

What this community ISN'T: support/lj_style/s2styles/s2howto. That means we aren't here for customization requests; if you want to add a background, make something transparent, change your comment links, add a component to Component, etc. check the usual places like the ones listed above. This isn't the community for that.

Where can you go to get help with customization?
Aside from keeping discussion within the outlines above, the only rule is to act civilly. Those who don't will be banned.

last updated 16 May 05
This is not an official community. Inquiries should be sent to asciident@livejournal.com

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